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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is the process of optimizing all the steps that influence the purchase or conversion process.

Getting conversions is the main objective of a web page.

Speed up and optimize your current processes to guarantee the maximum conversion

A conversion is any kind of action that we are interested in a user taking on our website, be it subscribing to our newsletter, downloading a trial version or buying a product.

That is why it is so important to do a conversion analytics, because it allows us to convert all our efforts into tangible results. Without web conversion, digital marketing strategies will never meet your goals.

Regardless of what we do or the objectives of our website, we all need to achieve conversions for our online project to achieve its purpose.

However, it is not enough to achieve conversions.

To continue improving, it is very important to analyse them to know if the different digital marketing actions that we are carrying out are really working.

It is essential to know what percentage of the people we manage to attract, the leads, finally decide to go one-step further and make a conversion, as well as knowing why they make that decision.

CRO Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization is a process applicable to almost every web page, be it services, products, affiliates, blog or any other type of web in which visitors are required to perform some action.

The CRO focuses on the types of websites whose purpose is to make the user carry out an action or process that generates benefits for the company.
Conversion analytics applies a series of formulas and techniques that analyse the behaviours and interaction of users on the page: those who are interested, those who complete the purchase or request for the service and those who give up the process. However, it goes beyond this, it also analyses where those users come from: if it is from AdWords, Social Media, organic positioning. This is why it is so important to perform a Conversion Rate audit, because it allows us to analyse the tangible results (or lack thereof) of the different digital marketing strategies to determine improvements.

Performing an analysis of your digital strategies through the CRO is the best way to plan and guarantee a faster return on investment.

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