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Search (SEO)

SEO is basic in the digital strategy of any project.

If you do not appear in Google, and your website does not have a good SEO optimization, you do not exist for your potential clients.

SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) can mean the success or failure of any online project, be it a corporate website, an ecommerce or a digital platform loaded with innovation.

It is very important to think about search engines from the initial phases of the project, since the initial SEO consulting can condition the overall strategy of the digital project. SEO helps us identify our target audience, understand their search behaviour and assess whether there really is business in the direction we are directing our offer.

Having an SEO consultancy is essential in the digital strategy of any project.

We develop strategies that integrate and leverage the work of content and technical teams to continuously drive SEO success.

All of our SEO programs have three interlocking components:

Technical SEO – We’ll make sure your website is set up for search success, from crawling ability to page speed to mobile compatibility, aligned with current and projected best practices.

On-site SEO – We will help you plan and develop keyword-centric content that is unique, informative, and useful, and we will ensure that other site elements, such as URLs, tags, and internal links, are optimized for maximum performance on the key KPIs.

Off-site SEO: We will strategically generate inbound links and social mentions and work to develop shareable content to improve overall SEO results.

Content marketing

Our content marketing service adapts to each project to guarantee personalized solutions for all our clients.

Give customers the message you want:

This is a great advantage because it allows the company to customize a little the service or product offered in favour of clients, sending them very specific basic information and directed to a group of people taking into account their tastes and lifestyle thanks to a previous evaluation.

Get customers to come to your website alone:

When the content marketing applied by us has the desired effect in all its fullness, the clients gradually arrive for the well-structured and planned content.

SEO improvement:

If the website has very content-rich and specific information without so much writing, the visits are on the rise and with it the position as well, achieving a position of much advantage over the competition by enjoying a cleanly earned SEO.

Versatility in the fields of application:

This content strategy has the advantage that it can be adapted to any advertising space where clients and other users have full access.

Benefits of content marketing

  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Increase the visibility of your brand and your products and / or services
  • Generate conversation
  • It positions you as an expert in your area
  • Improve your SEO
  • Build loyalty to the user and make him an ambassador of your brand
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Make a difference compared to your competition

Content Marketing is the strategy you need to stand out from other competitors. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will take care of creating a good story with which you can achieve your goals.

If you are interested in our work methodology, we are here to listen to you.