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Social Media Marketing

We design unforgettable campaigns on social networks

At SOULBRANDING we develop tailor-made social media marketing strategies.

Addressing our target audience and their specific stages.

Discover new opportunities to link closely with your public.

Our strategies combine the promotion of organic and paid social media, as well as ongoing community management to ensure that we take maximum care of the customer experience on social media.

Social networks such as facebook, twitter or instagram are a mechanism of interaction established and “naturalized” by all population segments. They serve people to convey their social interaction and show their mood, interests, concerns, desires.

From the perspective of online marketing they are a channel for attracting qualified traffic to take into account when our target audience is present on social networks. Social media campaigns have enormous potential and allow reaching the brand’s audience in a more emotional context, as long as the actions are planned in an integrated way in the brand’s digital strategy.

We create social media marketing campaigns or distribution of paid ads through social networks. We work with

Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkeding Ads Amazon PPC. within social networks, focusing the project under a PPC (pay per click) strategy.

We approach PPC strategy projects from a user experience perspective and CRO optimization (Conversion Rate Optimization), so the design of campaigns, ads, copies, landing pages and feedback to the user are crucial when it comes to turning our investment in social media campaigns into real growth for our business.

Paid Media

Drive growth and engagement in a tangible way

Without paid ads, much of your content is lost, unseen by your followers and those who do not know you yet.

That translates into a great waste of time and effort and very slow progress in a “wildly viral” space.
We leverage paid social media to help our clients grow their communities, ensure visibility of their content, and encourage engagement and other desired actions for new and existing users.

Here are just a few of the social platforms we advertise on for our clients to help attract the users and conversions they are looking for:

  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Facebook Ads/ Instagram Ads
  • Linkeding Ads
  • Amazon PPC management service

If you are interested in our work methodology, we are here to listen to you.