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Magento Vs PrestaShop – Which one should I choose?

Are you planning to build an e-commerce website?

Let us tell you some features so you can evaluate which CMS is best suited for your business.

Magento and PrestaShop are the most popular open source CMS platforms and

complete for the construction of e-commerce stores. Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the requirements of your business, but they are full of options that help to make great stores.


Design Templates

The website has to be attractive and functional.

Magento offers a wide range of themes that can be customized and modified with the company’s corporate identity.

PrestaShop also offers free and paid templates that can be used to build your e-commerce store.

In both cases the options are good and easy to modify by professionals.

That said, we believe that Magento has better pre-made designs for building sites.


Ease of use

PrestaShop is the best choice for beginners and less technical users.

Users who want to build their first online store can choose PrestaShop.

Magento offers great flexibility but requires more knowledge to get it up and running.

The success of any e-commerce site depends largely on the “ease of use” factor.

A complex portal will have a negative impact on users, so it is advisable to go with well-developed developments of both Magento and PrestaShop to provide a better user experience.


Modules and extensions

Magento offers about 25% more extensions than PrestaShop.

Magento provides some of the most popular extensions such as the AJAX catalog, advanced search, improved classification and much more.

Some of the most popular PrestaShop modules are PayPal, Google Merchant Center, SEO Expert, Amazon Market Place, BrainTree, and more.

Magento store owners often look for additional features, while PrestaShop merchants look for integrations.



Magento requires a powerful environment to run an online store.

In some cases, users may notice that the Magento backend slows down.

Poor hosting solutions or non-optimized websites can result in slow websites. It is important to check the speed of such stores


PrestaShop is comparatively lightweight and therefore, there may be no problems with the speed of the website. If too many SKUs are added to the website, it may slow down.


When comparing both CMS platforms, it is important to hire expert professionals to optimize the website and make sure there are no flaws in the website.



Security is an important aspect of e-commerce stores. Online shoppers prefer to buy products from stores where they feel safe. Both platforms mentioned offer great security features and are considered reliable. There have been some cases of security breach. Make sure you hire a developer to guarantee the security of your online store.

One should make sure that the e-commerce website is PCI compliant and highly secure.

Industry experts believe that Magento is much more secure compared to PrestaShop.



Both Magento and PrestaShop are free open source platforms for users. The costs fall on paying for the domain and the hosting of the website.

You may have to bear the cost of choosing the best option for both and the development company.

Proper research and work experience is required to make a great platform in both technologies. Therefore, examining and selecting the right company is very important.


Who is the winner?

If you are looking for a WYSIWYG editor and want to manage your website without any technical knowledge, Magento may be the right choice. If you have a small e-commerce store that only sells a few products, PrestaShop is an ideal choice.


Large online stores that have many products in different categories may choose Magento because it offers complex and advanced e-commerce functionality.

Online stores can be very profitable.

A company with experience in custom development solutions is essential for you to have an effective online presence.

Start small and take your business to new heights.



If you have any questions, we are here to help you