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When you read the advantages of ecommerce you will have, like us, the idea that e-commerce is a GREAT solution for retail.

In recent years the purchasing habits of users have changed, showing a greater preference for making purchases over the Internet, and highlighting the importance for businesses to have an ecommerce to meet the needs of their target audience.


1-Open 24 hours

One of the main reasons for creating an online store is the possibility of establishing a sales channel available all day. Unlike what happens in a physical establishment, ecommerce does not have opening and closing hours, allowing users to make their purchases at any time and from any place.

In this way, we will be offering greater convenience and flexibility to our target audience so that they can acquire our products or services as easily as possible, thus increasing the possibilities of sale.


2- No geographical limitations

If you have a physical store, you are limited by the geographic area you can serve. With an e-commerce website, the limits expand. In addition, the advent of mcommerce, i.e. e-commerce on mobile devices, has dissolved all remaining geographic limitations


3-Comfort for the user

Online sales are faster, more comfortable and impulsive, the user can access all our products or services without moving, in a second from the device that executes the purchase.


4-Target knowledge

By having an online store we can establish web analytics actions that allow us to collect a large set of valuable and interesting data on the target audience of the business. We will have the opportunity to know the behavior of the users, their socio-demographic information and what their tastes and interests are.

This will allow us to develop more effective marketing strategies and adapt the products and services offered by the company to the requirements and needs of individuals.


5- Brand visibility

More and more users are accessing the Internet to obtain information and buy a product or service. Having an ecommerce for our brand will give us the possibility to reach a greater number of people belonging to our target, improve the visibility of the business and expand the activity of the company.

The brand image will benefit through our online store users will be able to obtain knowledge about our products and services, values, history and opinions of customers who have already had contact with the company.


6-Increased sales

When we develop an online store of our brand, we are creating a new sales channel, thus establishing an additional revenue stream.

E-commerce is configured as a key means of business success and survival in such a competitive market.

The new consumption habits together with the great benefits that ecommerce brings have resulted in the fact that the sales figures through the Internet have not stopped growing, exceeding year after year the turnover and transactions made in this channel.


7-More profitability

Another great advantage of online stores is their high profitability.

The costs are lower than those of traditional points of sale.


Online stores allow companies to obtain an endless number of opportunities that have a positive impact on business performance.

Thus, the creation of an online store for our brand is configured as a good investment that will allow us to improve our business action and achieve the goals set.

In addition, on many occasions ecommerce allows us to identify new business models or markets where the company could develop its activity.

As a result of the great competition in the market, it is necessary to provide added value to consumers and adapt to their patterns of behavior. Only in this way can we establish a relationship with our target audience and achieve better business results.


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