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What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping is the Instagram tool that allows brands and stores to label their products in organic publications. Labeling a product is as easy as labeling other people.

In other words, Instagram Shopping gives you the opportunity to create an online store in your publications. The main functionality of this new feature allows brands to highlight specific publications from their Instagram feeds and then tag the products that are present.


These “shopping” publications have their own features for both users and brands that publish their products.

In this way, Instagram becomes an ideal place to not only promote products, but to facilitate access to their acquisition.

How does Instagram Shopping work?

To understand how Instagram Shopping works you need to understand how the user experience changes with this new tool:

– An Instagram user follows a branded account.

– This Instagram user sees a product in their feed in a publication of the brand they are interested in. All he or she needs to do is click on the content and verify that the product has been tagged.

If the product has been tagged, the user can click on the product detail tag and expand the product information (such as product name and price). From here he or she can go directly to the product page in the brand’s ecommerce.


Instagram Shopping makes it much easier for brands to convert customers or at least bring them closer to the desired conversion.

Another highlight is that Instagram Shopping is available in both regular publications and Instagram Stories.

Users will identify this type of publication by a shopping bag icon on the left side of the publication.

How to configure Instagram Shopping step by step?

Good! You know what Instagram shopping is and how it can help you improve your conversion rates.

Now let’s explain how to set up your Instagram account to professionally manage this unique tool.


  1. You must ensure that your company meets the following requirements:


– Have your Instagram account set up as a business account

– Have a business page on Facebook that does not have country or age restrictions.

– Comply with Instagram’s business policies.

– Have the latest version of the Instagram app.

– Sell physical products: The platform does not support virtual products or services.

  1. Link your Instagram account with the corresponding business account or Facebook catalog


Here are two ways to connect your Instagram business profile with your Facebook catalog:

Add a Store to your Facebook page:

First, you must change your profile to a shopping template on your business page. To do this, go to Settings and click on Templates & Tabs > Shopping.


Finally, you must add additional information about your business (business address, currency, tax ID…etc). Once this process has been completed, you can start adding your products.

Use a Business Manager Catalog:

You will need to log in to your Business Manager account that is linked to your Instagram account. Once in the Business Manager account, you can create a catalog or use an existing one for Instagram purchases.

– On Facebook, go to the catalog manager.

– Select the product catalog you want to use. You will then be directed to the “Use cases” option.

– Click on “More ways to use the catalog” and select “Instagram Shopping”.

– Finally go to “Connect your Instagram Business Profile” and select the “Connect Account” option.

Note: You need to create at least 9 posts for the “Buy Button” in Instagram Shopping to become active.


– I have read and accept the privacy policy*

You can access the privacy policy from the following link.

How to label products on Instagram?

To enjoy the benefits of Instagram shopping you don’t need to have a Facebook store, but you do need to upload your product catalog using the Business Manager tool.

Whether you have a Facebook store or a product catalog, it must be uploaded to your Instagram account. First you need Instagram to verify your account. We’re not going to lie to you, it’s not instantaneous and can take 3-7 days. You will be notified by Instagram when verification has been performed.

Once your profile has been approved, under Options > Business Settings > Shopping we will need to select the product catalog. Once selected we can start labeling the products in our publications.


The steps to label the products are as follows:

  1. Upload a new image.
  2. Touch on the product you want to label.
  3. Write the name of the product. The platform will detect it and make it easier to label.
  4. Then, you must mark the one that corresponds to your product catalog.
  5. Finally, click on ready and share your publication.


Note: In each publication you can put up to 5 product labels, if the publication is a single image, or a maximum of 20 in the case of a carousel of images.

Tips to increase your sales with Instagram Shopping

As in any tool and platform you can always perform certain actions that can help increase conversions. Let’s see some of them!

– Constant updating of the product catalog.

– Creativity and quality in the photos to be published.

– Use storytelling techniques, to show the most attractive content.

– Short descriptions of the products, the user clicking on them can go to the website or online store and expand the content.

– Do not forget your image and brand philosophy, your “shopping” publications must be consistent with your image.

– Remove the images of those products that you no longer have on sale.

Instagram Shopping is an essential tool if you want to increase your sales and conversions.

It is a simple process that allows you to be flexible and optimize your products. Don’t waste any more time! Boost your sales with Instagram Shopping.

We can help you increase your sales contact us at info@soulbranding.es