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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Unifica todos tus recursos de datos en una sola plataforma para tener una mejor visión de los retos de tu negocio

Business Intelligence

In simple terms, Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence systems are used to evaluate, optimize and coordinate the internal operations of a company. BI encompasses all the technologies, applications, and practices for collecting, integrating, and analysing financial and performance information so that based on that analysis, you can make decisions to improve your current processes.

BI examines the data that is reported in a format that can be clearly and quickly interpreted. Real-time control panels, for example, are a very useful visualization mechanism, because thanks to them, administrators can generate comprehensive and accurate reports that contain relevant and actionable data to take action within the company.

Business analytics

Like Business Intelligence, Business Analytics collects analyses data and generates visual dashboards. However, the big difference lies in the approach to data analysis. BA generally involves statistical and predictive modelling analysis to establish trends, find out why things are happening, and make an informed estimate of how things will develop in the future.
In few words, BA uses predictive analytics to solve problems before they occur, based on applications that centralize information from diverse sources, and allow you to create dashboards with reports that facilitate analysis from multiple perspectives to optimize various processes.

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