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SEO has been relevant for years in digital strategies for companies.

But with the latest changes in mobility and consumption, it has become essential for all companies that offer a service or product online.

Why? Because all the digital content we create is of little use if search engine positioning is non-existent.

Having a good SEO positioning is not that difficult, the most important thing we need is… TIME.

5 fundamental elements that we must not forget.

  • Web architecture: Web architecture is essential, since with this you can focus your content strategy and be much more effective in achieving your objectives.
  • Backlinks: Quality links to your website, there are times when the strategy cannot work. At Soulbranding we believe in generating them in an organic way, it takes more time but it is more effective.
  • SEM campaigns of Google Ads and Facebook Ads: For them to work it is important that it is well segmented to who we want to target and how, we believe it is important to analyze very well before launching a campaign.
  • IndexKings + Search Console: A tool with a complicated name that what it does is index faster.
  • Keyword search: a team of SEO experts looking for the keywords in your industry. It seems easy but the tools we have and the knowledge of the sector make our searches more precise.

The important thing in each business is to be able to focus on what generates VALUE, for our activity and continue to grow, leave the SEO positioning to us.

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