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YouTube already has SHORTS that you can upload 15-second videos from your mobile; your alternative to TikTok

YouTube just announced Shorts, its own alternative to TikTok similar to Instagram Reels. This is a new function that will be included in the YouTube application through which users can upload videos of 15 seconds or less directly from their mobile.

As explained by YouTube on its official blog, Shorts will begin in beta and in India over the next few days. The goal is to add more functions and expand to more countries in the coming months, although there is no exact date for its global launch.

Shorts is a new experience for those who want to record short videos using nothing but their mobile phones.

YouTube has always been a place for entertainment. Over the years, YouTube has enabled a generation of creators to communicate and share their voice with an audience of more than two billion people.

What is Shorts?

Shorts is a new way to express yourself in 15 seconds or less, it focuses on building your foundation through:

Creation is at the center of the short video, make it easy and fun to create Shorts.

A multi-segment camera to chain multiple video clips,

The option to record with music from a huge library of songs that will continue to grow.

Speed ​​controls that give you the flexibility to be creative in your performance,

And a timer and countdown for easy, hands-free recording.

There’s a lot more to come, and over the next few weeks and months, they’ll continue to roll out more authoring tools and easier ways to watch short videos on YouTube.

They can’t wait to see what you do with Shorts and empower a new generation of mobile creators and artists on the world’s largest video platform.